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Isolated Soy Protein

Other name:ISP

Quality standard:Nutrition Enhancers

CAS NO.:9010-10-0

HS CODE:35040090


Specification:Food Grade

Appearance:White yellow powder


Isolated soy protein is made from high quality Non-GMO soybean, produced and designed for application in emulsion type high-temperature sausage, low temperature meat products such as Western-style sausage/kishe, frozen products(e.g. meat balls, fish.balls), can foods, baking products, flour products, confectionary, cakes and aquatic products etc.


Physical and chemical index
Protein (dry basis, N×6.25, %) ≥90
NSI (%) ≥88
Moisture (% ) ≤7.0
Fat (%) ≤1.0
Ash (dry basis, %) ≤6.0
Crude fiber (dry basis, %) ≤0.5
Particle Size (100mesh,%) ≥95
Microbiological index
Total plate count  ≤20000cfu/g
Coliform ≤30MPN/100g
Yeast & Moulds ≤100/g
E.coli Negative
Salmonella Negative


GEL Type:
Has a high dispersing properities and a highly versatile Isolated Soy Protein for wide variety of applications such as nutritional food,dairy industry,health-care foods,beverage products,meal replacements and sports products producing soybean peptide and so on.
Dispersion type:
Has a high dispersing properties and a highly versatile Isolated soy protein for wide variety of applications such as nutritional food ,dairy industry ,health-care foods,beverage products,meal replacements and sports products produceing soybean peptide and so on. 
Emulsion Type:
Application in emulsion type hightemperature sausage,low temperature meat products such as westernstyle sausage,frozen products,confectionary,cakes and aquatic products etc. With a perfect water binding and holding capacity, it can help meat processors to achieve good and stable emulsion and gelation to reduce the cooking loss and prevent fat loss and improve the structure of final products in a cost effective way.
Injection Type:
Injection type is a highly versatile soy protein isolate for wide variety of applications. Because of its high dispersing properties and well solubility, it lends itself well to injection in various ground meat products. After heating, it forms strong gelation and performs good functionality. It is low dusting, bland flavor and offers high nutritional properties.

Packing:20kg per bag 1x20fcl=13mt

Shelf life:1years

Storage:Store in a cool, dry, ventilated environment. 

Advantage on this item: first class factory, quality good, price very competitive. 

Packing photos:

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