Lactic Acid

Other name:2-hydroxypropanoic acid

Quality standard:FCCV/E270

CAS NO.:50-21-5

HS CODE:29181100


Specification:80%, 85%, 88%

Appearance:Light yellow to colorless liquid


Lactic Acid standard is produced from natural corn starch by advanced bio-fermentation and refining technology. The lactic acid is a yellowish to colorless liquid, having a mild acid odor and taste.
Style: yellow color(150Apha), colorless(50Apha), Heat stabile. 

Assay Min. 80%wt
Stereochemical purity L(+) Min.97%
Density(@20 °C ) 1.18 g/ml -1.19 g/ml
Colour (fresh solution) Max. 70 Hazen
Heavy metals (as Pb) Max. 10 ppm
Iron Max.10 ppm
Calcium Max. 10 ppm
Chloride Max. 10 ppm
Sulphate Max. 10 ppm
Sulphated ash Max. 0.1%
Cyanide Max. 5 ppm
Lead Max. 0.5 ppm
Arsenic Max. 1 ppm
Mercury Max. 1 ppm
Reducing substances(sugars) passes FCC test
citric, oxalic, tartaric, phosphoric, acids passes FCC test

Usage:Lactic Acid standard can be used as acidulant, flavoring agent and pH regulator in beverages, meat, sourdough, salads and dressings, confectionery and pickled vegetables.

Packing:25kg drum or 250kg HDPE drum. 1x20fcl=20mt based on 250kg HDPE drum and 24mt based on 25kg drum.

Shelf life:2years

Storage:Store in a cool, dry, ventilated environment. 

Advantage on this item:big capacity, first class factory, quality good, price very competitive. 

Packing photos: