Other name:L-Aspartyl-L-phenylalaninemethyl ester

Quality standard:FCCIV / USP32 / E951

CAS NO.:22839-47-0

HS CODE:29242930


Specification:Granular: 20-60mesh,60-100mesh / Powder: 100mesh 150mesh,300mesh

Appearance:White Granular or Powder


Aspartame is a new-style intense sweetener of amino acid. It is a dipeptide compound composed by l-aspartic acid and l-phenylalanine. It has no after taste such as bitter, chemical and metal taste. Aspartame can enhance the flavor of fruit and reduce the bitterness of coffee. Futhermore, aspartame can decrease calories effectively, and it will not cause decayed tooth. Aspartame has the same metabolic mechanism as protein.
Aspartame has many advantages such as good flavor, intense sweetness, low calories and high safety. It is widely used in carbonated beverage, jam, instant coffee, frozen milk products, chewing gum, sweetmeat, salad dressing. Aspartame also can be made into different forms, such as granule, troche, powder or liquor, and used as the substitution of saccharose into normal sweetmeats which adapt to diabetes and adiposis sufferers.

Appearance White crystalline powder
Assay(on dry basis) 98.0%~102.0%
Specific Rotation[α]D20º +14.5 º ~ +16.5º
Loss on Drying ≤ 4.5%
Residue on Ignition ≤ 0.2%
Heavy Metals(as Pb) ≤ 10ppm
PH 4.5~6.0
Transmittance ≥ 0.95
Arsenic ≤ 3ppm
Lead ≤ 1ppm
5-Benzyl-3,6-dioxo-2-Piperazineacetic Acid ≤ 1.5%
Other Related Substances ≤ 2.0%
L-a-Aspartyl-L-Phenylalanine ≤ 0.25%
L-Phenylalanine ≤ 0.5%
Total Aerobic Bacteria < 250 cfu/gram
Yeast and Moulds < 100 cfu/gram
Coliforms < 10 cfu/gram
E.coli Negative
Salmonella Negative
Particle size 20-60mesh,100mesh,200mesh,300mesh

Usage:Beverage: carbonated and still soft drink, fruit-juice and fruit syrup, yoghurt and etc.    Food: hot and cold chocolate and beverage mixes and instant dessert, frozen novelt and dessert,chewing gum, boiled sweet, mint,chocolate, gum and jelly and etc.Pharmaceutical: tablet, sugar-free syrup, powdered mix and effervescent tablet and etc.
Packing:25kg per fibre drum, 1x20fcl=13.5mt for granular, or 9mt for powder.

Shelf life:2years

Storage:Store in a cool, dry, ventilated environment. 

Advantage on this item:best quality in China, price very competitive. 

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