Potassium lactate

Other name:2-Hydroxypropanoic Acid

Quality standard:Food grade

CAS NO.:996-31-6

HS CODE:29181100



Appearance:Colorless or light yellow viscous liquid


Potassium Lactate is produced from highquality bio-fermented natural lactic acid as main raw material. Potassium Lactate is nearly colorless, slightly viscous liquid.


PH 6.5~8.5
Chroma             ≤50Hazen
Assay                60%~85%
Potassium              18%~18.6%
Free lactic acid        ≤0.18%
Stereo chemical purity ≥97
Heavy metals total   ≤10ppm
Iron                  ≤10ppm
Calcium               ≤10ppm
Chlorine              ≤50ppm
Sulphate              ≤10ppm
Cyanide               ≤0.5ppm
Lead                  ≤2ppm
Arsenic                ≤1ppm
Mercury               ≤1ppm
Methanol and methyl ≤250ppm
Sodium                  ≤0.1%
Reduction material(sugar)               Pass the FCC              
Citric acid salt ect. Pass the FCC           

Usage:Used as food flavoring agent, emulsifier, moisturizing factor, pH regulator, flavoring, antioxidant synergistic agent, slow granule, etc; Many used for retainning freshness of meat product. It can also increase incense ,which  gives the same effect in the production of jam, jelly, orange jelly and ice cream;As antioxidant synergistic agent can effectively restrain the pathogens in food production and reproduction, extend the shelf life of food.It can also improve finished product rate.

Packing:Net weight 25/250KG per PE drum or at the requirement of customer; 23MT=20'FCL.

Shelf life:2years

Storage:Store in a cool, dry, ventilated environment. 

Advantage on this item:best price, second best quality in China. 

Packing photos: