Sodium Benzoate

Other name:Benzoic acid sodium salt

Quality standard:BP2012 /E211

CAS NO.:532-32-1

HS CODE:29163100



Appearance:White powder or granular or columnar


A white crystalline grain or powder. It is widely used for food preservative produced by reaction from sodium hydroxide with benzoic acid. Sodium Benzoate is a better molds and yeasts  inhibitor and since acidity foods grow bacteria, mold and yeast quickly, it is cheapest way to preserve them. 

Item Specification                                         
Appearance White powder,with styrax benzoin   smell                 
Content%(asdry product C7H5NaO2)           ≥99.0
Loss on drying% ≤2.0
Acidity or alkalinity In conformity with the regulations     
Heavy metals% (Pb) ≤0.001
Arsenic % ≤0.0002
Halogenide (FeCl3) % ≤0.02
Total Cl Content% ≤0.03
Transparency and colour In conformity with the regulations
Color of solution Y6
Heavy Metals (As Pb)% ≤0.001

Usage:It’s most widely used in food, beverage, cosmetic dental care product, spice, tobacco, feedstuff as raw material of plasticizer and pharmaceutical.

Packing:25kg per paper-plastic or woven bag,
                 Powder: 1x20fcl=16.5mt for paper-plastic bag or 17mt with woven bag, 
                 Granular:1x20fcl=18mt or 14mt with pallets,
                 Columnar:1x20fcl=16mt or 12mt with pallets.

Shelf life:2years

Storage:Store in a cool, dry, ventilated environment. 

Advantage on this item:different appearance for choice, quality is the best in China, Price competitive. 

Packing photos: