Calcium Propionate

Other name:Propionic acid calcium salt

Quality standard:FCC IV / E282 / Food grade

CAS NO.:4075-81-4

HS CODE:29155090


Specification:Powder and granular

Appearance:White powder or granular


A white crystalline grain or powder, with sight propionic acid smell, It’s stable to heat and light, and easily soluble in water. Calcium Propionate can inhibit growth of some individual molds and bacteria and is widely used in grain products such as bread. In addition, it’s used to prevent other products from deterioration resulted from microorganisms. It also can be used as calcium supplement agent.

Analysis contents FCC IV Standard
Assay                  ≥99.0%
Loss on drying            ≤5%
PH 6.5-9.0
Arsenic                     ≤0.0003%
Heavy metals Pb          ≤0.001%
F Chem fluride  ≤0.003%
Insoluble substance in water   ≤0.20%

Usage:It is widely used in baking food, cakes, fruit jam,wines, bean products, chocolate and western style meal, especially used in food that need yeasts.

Packing:25kg per kraft bag or paper-plastic bag.
                  1x20fcl=18mt for FCC / E grade powder and granualr. 
                  1x20fcl=17mt for food grade powder and granular. 

Shelf life:2years

Storage:Store in a cool, dry, ventilated environment. 

Advantage on this item: quality good, price very competitive. 

Packing photos: