Liquid Glucose

Other name:Corn syrup, Maltose syrup, Glucose liquid.

Quality standard:GB/T20885-2007

CAS NO.:8029-43-4

HS CODE:17023000


Specification:DE24-98, Dry Solid:70%-84%



Liquid Glucose, also called as corn syrup or maltose syrup, mainly contents maltose and is a kind of syrup made from corn starch by double enzyme technique. It is moderate soft sweet with fragrance of malt, stable in high temperature and acid condition and has advantages of anti-recrystallization, lower freezing points etc., which improves the product quality and lowers the costs. 

Items Specification
Description Colorless viscous liquid without any impurity by naked eyes.
Identification Conforms
Dry Solids 70%-85% 
DE Value 38-65
Maltose content 50% min
Solubility 98% min
PH Value 4.0-6.0
Ash 0.4% max
SO2 200 ppm
Pb 0.5mg/kg max
As 0.5mg/kg max
Bacteria Population 1500pcs/g max
Coloform Bacilli 30pcs/100g max
Pathogen No detected

Usage:Liquid Glucose is used in many industries such as candy, drinks, beer brewage, confectionary, frozen food, beverage, beer, yellow wine, ratafee jelly, baking food, candied fruit, flavoring, enzyme preparation, medicine, meat products etc.. Furthermore, it has low calorie and will benefit the cardiovascular, diabetes and obese patients.

Packing:HDPE drum, 1x20fcl=80drums. 300kg per drum for Dry solide 80%-84%, 280kgs for Dry solid 75%-79%, 

Shelf life:1years

Storage:Store in a cool, dry, ventilated environment. 

Advantage on this item:DE24-98, Dry solid 70%-84% for your choice. Price is very good.

Packing photos: