Xanthan Gum

Other name:Corn Sugar Gum

Quality standard:FCC IV

CAS NO.:11138-66-2

HS CODE:39139000


Specification:Common goods and low ethyl alcohol for EU market.

Appearance:White or light-yellow free flowing powder


A white or light-yellow free flowing and odorless powder with good stability. It is recognized as industrial MSG, the world’s most widely produced microbial polysaccharide. The main raw material is corn starch and alcohol through fermentation.

Specifications: 80mesh and 200mesh

Appearance Cream-white
Particle Size (mesh) 80/200
Loss on Drying (%) ≤15
PH (1% solution) 6.0-8.0
Viscosity (1% KCL, cps) ≥1200
Shearing Ratio ≥6.0
Ashes (%) ≤13
Pyruvic Acid (%) ≥1.5
V1:V2 1.02-1.45
Assay (%) 91-108
Total Nitrogen (%) ≤1.5
Total Heavy Metals ≤20ppm
As ≤3ppm
Pb ≤2ppm
Ethyl alcohol content (ppm)           ≤500
Total Plate Count ≤2000cfu/g
Moulds/Yeasts ≤100cfu/g
Salmonella Negative in 10g           
E.Coli Negative in 5g

Usage:Xanthan Gum is used as thickening additives, emulsifier, stabilizer. And used in the industry of daily chemical, food, pharmaceutical, petroleum, textile, ceramic, printing and dying etc

Packing:25kg per kraft bag or drum or carton, 1x20fcl=20mt for 80mesh and 18mt for 200mesh without pallet.

Shelf life:2years

Storage:Store in a cool, dry, ventilated environment. 

Advantage on this item:produced by the world biggest producer, quality guaranteed, price good. 

Packing photos:


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