Gellan Gum

Other name:Phytagel

Quality standard:GB25535-2010/FCCV/FAO/WHO

CAS NO.:71010-52-1

HS CODE:39139000


Specification:Low acyl and High acyl

Appearance:Off white free flowing powder


Gellan gum (E418) is a bacterial exopolysaccharide, prepared commercially by aerobic submerged fermentation 
from sphingomonas elodea (previously called Pseudomonas elodea), in a manner similar to xanthan. discovered 
in 1978, In 1988 approved in Japan, in 1992 USA full approved.


Items  Specifications 
Characteristic  Off-white, odorless, Free 
flowing powder
Content  85~108% 
Solubility  Soluble in water to form viscous solution       
Calcium ion test  Pass 
Particle size  ≥95% Pass 60 mesh 
Loss on drying  ≤15.0% 
PH value  5.5~7.5
Residue of ethanol     ≤750mg/kg
Gel strength (0.5% solution)      ≥800g/cm2 / 450g~650g/cm2
Total Nitrogen  ≤3% 
Transmittance(0.5% solution)         ≥80%
Lead  ≤2mg/kg
Mercury  ≤1mg/kg
Arsenic  ≤2mg/kg
Cadmium  ≤1mg/kg 
Total bacterial  ≤10,000cfu/g  
Yeast & Mold  ≤400cfu/g  
E. Coli  ≤30MPN/100g
Salmonella  Negative

Usage:As the emulsifier,suspension agent,thickener,stabilizer,gelling agent,tissue culturemedium,film former and lubricant,gellan gum has been widely applied in over 20 fileds,such as food,cosmetics,detergent,ceramics,petroleum exploration and coating for chemical.
Packing:25kg per fibre drum

Shelf life:2years

Storage:Store in a cool, dry, ventilated environment. 

Advantage on this item:really good price. good quality. 

Packing photos: