Guar Gum

Other name:Guar gum hydroxypropyl three methyl ammonium chloride

Quality standard:E412

CAS NO.:9000-30-0

HS CODE:3913900090


Specification:Food grade/Oil drilling grade/Cosmetic grade

Appearance:White Powder 99% pass 120 Mesh


Guar gum is a white to light yellow powder, odourless or a slight odor, water retention is strong, can be made into high viscosity by low concentration solution, can spread in hot or cold water to form a viscous liquid, highest viscosity of natural rubber.


 Item Specification
Appearance  Light yellow free flowing powder   
Particle size  150--200mesh 
Moisture ≤10% 
PH value  6.5--7.5 
 Apparent viscosity
(30℃,170s,0.6%), mpa.s
 Water insoluble matter(%) ≤4.0 
 Crosslinking performance  Good
 Fluidity    Good
Package: 25kg kraft paper bag or other according to customer request  
Conclusion: Qualified

1.In food additives:
Mainly divided into food grade and industrial grade (oil field belongs to industrial level) two kinds.
2.In cosmetic in Hair:
Used as a conditioner for hair and skin, as an antistatic agent and thickener, for shampoos and conditioners
3.Papermaking additive:
Studies have shown that guar gum can meet the requirements of modern factory zero discharge. It can maintain or increase the evenness of the sheet while retaining and filtering the paper. It is a promising environmental protection additive.

Packing: 25kg per kraft bag.

Shelf life:2years.

Storage:Store in a cool, dry, ventilated environment. 

Advantage on this item:big capacity, first class factory, quality good, price very competitive. 

Packing photos: